Computer Programming 1: 

This is an exciting introduction to the basics of computer programming. Our program is designed to inspire young minds and guide them to progress from being merely computer users to creators. Students learn the basics of creating games using some drag-and-drop programming. Our program will utilize different tools, including Scratch block programming developed by MIT, Kodu Game Development from Microsoft, and Thunkable APP Development using block programming. Students will create simple programs, animations, and games.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to add computational thinking to every child`s analytical ability. 


What is Computational Thinking?

According to the Carnegie Mellon Center for Computational Thinking, "computational thinking is a way of solving problems, designing systems, and understanding human behavior that draws on concepts fundamental to computer science."

- Students today are fewer fact-memorizers and more innovators, creators, and thinkers.

- They are learning to think outside the box and apply that to real-world problems.

What is Coding:

- Coding is a simple task or translating logic into code.

- Programming is designing the logic to solve problems.


Our Model:

- Keep coding cool and creative

- Keep learning fun and interactive

- Learn soft skills like a collaboration by working in TEAMS of two

- Offer opportunities to practice independence

- Resist the urge to help to make the "Perfect Project"

- Celebrate the coding superpowers during our "Share Your Creation" sessions.

Our Instructors: 

Students will get an opportunity to learn with our instructors who have 15+ years of I.T. Industry experience. Our highly-qualified instructors have solid experiences coaching kids in the Odyssey of the Minds and the Junior Lego League. Young bright minds will be inspired to develop their interest and passion for computational thinking. 


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