Prodigy School of CHESS and STEM is an after-school, weekend, and camp enrichment program providing chess, science, math, reading, writing, and computer education for K-12 students.

Our intensive programs were developed by a licensed Virginia Public School teacher, together with a group of well-experienced computer scientists. Our team of highly-qualified mentors recognized the need for improvement and focus on STEM education. STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. 

STEM education is meant to develop students` love for using STEM to solve real-life problems in their world, provide exposure to a vast array of STEM-related careers, and prepare young minds to become globally competitive. Quality STEM education is a necessity for all nations, whether they have an emerging economy or one that is long established. The world of the 21st century strongly indicates that in order to compete globally, countries must invest in a strong STEM education.


Our highly-structured and intensive classes prepare students to excel in science, math, reading, and writing at school and to guide them achieve top scores on high-stakes standardized tests.

We believe in the importance of inspiring students to foster a love for learning, develop a solid understanding of key concepts, and gain practical problem-solving skills to enrich their capacity for independent learning.

The demand for STEM skills in the United States has reached a critical point and we are calling highly-motivated individuals to join our efforts to grow the future of STEM workforce. By working with us, you can help deliver quality STEM education, inspire young people, and building the pipeline of talent in Northern Virginia area.


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